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Curriculum compacting information:

Differentiate by content/process/product
Examples and overview of many strategies
Ask Act Achieve site:` Research for K-2 students

Common Core differentiation strategies galore! ELA K-5, but easy to modify for older students.

The Differentiator! put it all together with this interactive tool

Graphic organizer

RAFT WEBSITES TO EXPLORE: (template) It says password needed, but if you hit "cancel" instead, you can access all the materials. Try the "Raft Writing Interactive" This would be a good one for primary grades, as there is a RAFT creator which will just do one acitivity at a time. Could use on smartboard and model for whole class to create one.
completed RAFT activities. Way at the bottom you can find the "picture book RAFT activities" which includes ALL content areas and many different picture books. Appropriate for ALL grade level and ALL content areas! Check it out! This was used for the "strong Verb" activity we did in the workshop.

Think Dots:
First Grade Money Example

Cube Creator

Cubing and Think Dots: Everything you'll need

Blooms (digital) checklist
Beginning of the year activities and low prep activities Student Self Eval has a likert scale for students to rate themselves. Google doc/can edit choices. Pages of ideas - Designed by a high school teacher. Check out the "Who Am I?" graphic organizer. 36 interesting ways to get to know your students. so many ideas and practical examples to get started! Low prep strategies...
Pre-Assessments Great module on pre-assessment with examples of different types. STEM (featured in presentation)

Interest Survey

Interest survey - Rick Wormeli
Career Interest Survey (automatic tabulating)
Parents Math/Science Interest Survey Questionnaire (High School, excellent questions)